Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spun Out

It's time. Posting hereabouts had been tailing off for months (years?). I've drifted farther from the profession because of other interests and life in general--only so much time in the day and all that--and other interests have taken to dominating my time. Don't get me wrong--I still love history (more on that below), but I don't have it in me--and haven't for a while--to get into the big History debates and keep up with a field in which I'm not an official, gate-keeper approved practitioner. So I'm letting Spinning Clio spin down to stand still. Yet, while she'll lie dormant, I believe there is still some value in the ol' girl and I've taken the editorial liberty of putting what I think are the best posts "up front" and will allow her to exist for posterity.

As for me, while this blog has served its purpose, I'm still history blogging in a more focused way, over at Burgundians in the Mist. So if you're interested in things Late Antiquity/Early Medieval, please check it out.

Finally, my thanks to all who've come around and added their two bits. I'd especially like to thank Ralph Luker--the "History Blogfather"--and Sharon Howard--Keeper of the Carnivals--for all that they've done for history on the web.

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