Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is Feith's Book a Model for Future Scholarly Publishing?

Douglas Feith's War and Decision has been reviewed by National Review, The Wall Street Journal and NPR (h/t). Now, I know that--especially among academics--Feith is considered one of the neocon Sith Lords, but I think he's done something with his book that is, well, pretty neat. He's created a companion website to the book on which he provides links to the 600 documents he's cited in his work. How cool is that? Could this be a way for academics to publish serious and scholarly history and save money by putting their citations on the web? Don't know, but it seems to have potential to me.


academic_drifter said...
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D. B. Light said...

Nice catch, Marc.

Doug Feith's book is definitely a cut above the rest of the genre and the website is an excellent innovation. Think of what it might lead to -- interactive historiography.

Marc said...

Dale, "Interactive historiography". I like that. Would that make it a sort of "blogiography" then? And thanks for the kind words over at your sight re: moi!