Monday, May 15, 2006

Cook's "Endeavor" Located?

Marine archeaologists have been poking around Newport, RI for a few years now. Part of the motivation has been to determine whether or not Captain Cook's Endeavor may have met a rather inauspicious end as a Revolutionary War era British transport that sank off of Newport. Originally, two of these transports had been located, but now that more have been found, the chances that the Endeavor is among them has increased.

Searching Newport Harbor for historic treasure, the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project has located the remains of four more shipwrecks dating back to the Revolutionary War.

The discovery gives Rhode Island the right to boast that it has the "largest fleet of Revolutionary shipwrecks" in the world, according to D.K. Abbass, director of the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project. The ships are believed to be part of a private fleet of 13 British transport ships sunk during the war, said Abbass.

Previously, RIMAP had discovered two shipwrecks in the harbor. Now that six have been located, it is increasingly likely that what is down there is the 13-ship fleet that included the Endeavour, which Capt. James Cook sailed to Australia on his trip around the world between 1768 and 1771, said Abbass...

Here is more (if a bit dated) information from RIMAP's website regarding its efforts to locate the Endeavor, and here is a more scholarly explanation.

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