Monday, October 31, 2005

The Cliopatria Awards

The Cliopatriarchs have announced that they are going to launch the first annual Cliopatria Awards for History Blogging. It will be a judged competition in six categories: six categories: Best Group Blog, Best Individual Blog, Best New Blog, Best Post, Best Series of Posts, and Best Writing. Here are some more details:
The three committees of judges are:

Best Individual Blog and Best Post
Manan Ahmed, Chairperson
Adam Kotsko
Brian Ulrich

Best New Blog and Best Writing
Jonathan Dresner, Chairperson
Natalie Bennett
Hiram Hover

Best Group Blog and Best Series of Posts
Sharon Howard, Chairperson
Another Damned Medievalist
Timothy Burke

Nominations for the Awards will be open throughout November. You can make nominations here. There you'll find simple guidelines for each award. You may want to use the History Blogroll and/or the History Carnivals to prompt your memory. Judging will take place in December. The winners of the Awards for 2005 will be announced at the Philadelphia convention of the American Historical Association at 9:00 a.m., Saturday 7 January, 2006, and will be posted here at Cliopatria shortly thereafter.

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